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MCC Location and Distances

Crystal Lake, Illinois

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McHenry County College is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois; population 40,743 in a rural fringe setting.

8900 US Hwy 14
Crystal Lake, Illinois
60012-2761 USA

Map of MCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

McHenry County College distance from Illinois cities
City Distance
Lakewood3 miles
Bull Valley4 miles
Woodstock5 miles
Prairie Grove5 miles
Lake in the Hills6 miles
Oakwood Hills7 miles
McHenry7 miles
Cary7 miles
Algonquin7 miles
Trout Valley7 miles
Holiday Hills8 miles
Huntley8 miles
Wonder Lake8 miles
McCullom Lake8 miles
Island Lake9 miles
Port Barrington9 miles
Fox River Grove9 miles
Greenwood9 miles