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CCSJ Location and Distances

Whiting, Indiana

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Calumet College of Saint Joseph is located in Whiting, Indiana; population 4,997 in a large suburban setting.

2400 New York Ave
Whiting, Indiana
46394 USA

Map of CCSJ

Approximate Commuting Distances

Calumet College of Saint Joseph distance from Indiana cities
City Distance
East Chicago3 miles
Hammond3 miles
Burnham3 miles
Calumet City6 miles
Dolton6 miles
South Holland8 miles
Riverdale8 miles
Lansing8 miles
Phoenix8 miles
Calumet Park9 miles
Munster9 miles
Highland9 miles
Gary9 miles
Harvey9 miles
Thornton9 miles
Dixmoor9 miles
Blue Island10 miles
Posen10 miles