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JeffCo Location and Distances

Hillsboro, Missouri

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Jefferson College is located in Hillsboro, Missouri; population 2,821 in a distant rural setting.

1000 Viking Drive
Hillsboro, Missouri
63050-2440 USA

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Approximate Commuting Distances

Jefferson College distance from Missouri cities
City Distance
Horine7 miles
Cedar Hill Lakes7 miles
Cedar Hill8 miles
De Soto8 miles
Festus9 miles
Pevely9 miles
Herculaneum9 miles
Scotsdale9 miles
Barnhart10 miles
Crystal City10 miles
Olympian Village10 miles
Imperial12 miles
Byrnes Mill12 miles
LaBarque Creek13 miles
Kimmswick13 miles
High Ridge14 miles
Peaceful Village14 miles
Valmeyer15 miles